Terms and Conditions


We assume no liability or responsibility for any personal injury or damage incurred by abuse, misuse or alterations made to this receiver assembly or its components after it leaves our facility. Further, we assume no liability or responsibility for any injury or damage incurred through the firing of hand loaded ammunition in this receiver assembly, or firing of ammunition, regardless of the source, not made specifically for the chamber of this receiver assembly. Any modifications or alterations performed on this receiver assembly by anyone other than Uintah Precision will void any and all guarantees/warranties, written or implied.


Uintah Precision warrants all receiver assemblies we produce to be free of defects in workmanship and/or materials for the life of the receiver, bolt, and barrel extension nut. We guarantee each receiver assembly is capable of shooting a 1 moa 3 shot group at 100 yards with quality match grade ammunition. If within the first 30 days you’re not fully satisfied with workmanship or accuracy, return the receiver assembly and we will perform a thorough inspection of the receiver assembly. We will correct any found defect to your satisfaction and if necessary, replace the receiver assembly, or refund the purchase price. Work performed on the receiver assembly for any reason(s) done by any other than Uintah Precision voids all warranties.


Be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS when working up and firing hand loaded ammunition. Always start with a light load as shown in a reputable reloading manual. As soon as any sign of excessive pressure is encountered, (flattened primers, punctured primers, bolt is hard to open, etc.) reduce your load immediately to a safe level. If you are not experienced in handloading, make certain that you acquire the necessary expertise before proceeding. Inspect each piece of brass to ensure your brass is safe and free from any defects such as cracks in the neck, shoulder or base. Make sure that each piece of brass is trimmed to the proper length and that all case dimensions are correct for your particular barrel(s) chamber prior to loading. The specific caliber of your barrel(s) will be marked clearly on the top side of the barrel near the muzzle.