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About Us

Uintah Precision

yoo-IN-ta Who?

Are you just discovering Uintah Precision? Glad you made it here. We are the only manufacturer in the world to make true bolt action ARs. Why are our bolt action AR’s true? Well, this is because our patented Bolt Action ARs have a 3 lug bolt with a 60º throw turn.

Our name comes from our geographic location, Uintah Basin, in the Uintah mountains of Utah. But ”Precision” wasn’t just on accident. These UP rifles have a sub MOA guarantee (group smaller than an inch at 100 yards) with factory match grade ammo. Because of this accuracy, UP rifles and uppers are perfect for both target shooting and hunting.

How We Got Here

Uintah Machine, the parent company of Uintah Precision, used to build coal mining machinery. But in 2008-2010 work started slowing down. The only options were to either lay off employees or pivot.

Richard Hamilton, who had always been a fan of guns and hunting, had been seeing gun companies coming out with “bolt action” on chassis so it “looked” like a bolt action but didn’t function like a real bolt action rifle. Everyone was building an AR “style” bolt action but why hadn’t anyone built a true bolt action receiver? Turns out it was because it was really difficult to build…

Richard pivoted Uintah Machine and its employees and began to build a bolt action the right way. He started designing and prototyping, and after 975,000 failed attempts, finally one worked.

What We Stand For

We are dedicated craftsmen, manufacturing firearms for fellow enthusiasts. As a modest-sized enterprise, we’ve flourished due to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The accolades our products receive, along with the genuine care we extend through our customer service, often leave people astounded. Some even dial us up, seeking reassurance that such glowing reviews could indeed be authentic. Let there be no doubt – we are not only genuine but proudly produce everything on home soil in the United States.

Our foundation rests on the bedrock of integrity, and we fiercely safeguard our reputation. Our creations are engineered for simplicity, effectiveness, and enduring quality. More than a mere novelty, the UPR stands tall as a duty-grade weapon system, trusted by law enforcement and SWAT units alike. It’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, and we invite you to witness the caliber of our offerings firsthand.

Manufactured in the United States

The entirety of our process takes root, evolves, and comes to life right here in the United States. Our valued vendors, trusted partners, and our own manufacturing facility are predominantly nestled in Utah. Upon inspection, you’ll quickly discern that our commitment to quality, exacting tolerances, and premium materials stands as unparalleled.

With a sense of pride, we extend our offerings to those discerning customers who demand nothing less than a meticulously crafted and regulation-compliant weapon system.

Our lead times will pleasantly impress you, as we prioritize effective management of inventory, supply chain logistics, and shipping processes. These measures underscore our commitment to delivering products promptly and within a reasonable timeframe.

How the UPR Works

The Uintah Precision Rifle (UPR) bolt action upper is straightforward. Simply pin onto nearly any mil-spec standard lower. And just like that, you’re primed to experience the enhanced precision that this AR platform upgrade. Tailored for both AR-15 and AR-10 setups, the UPR ensures a seamless transition, preserving the familiar ergonomics, magazine compatibility, and trigger pull you’ve grown accustomed to in your AR.

Any upper offered on our website can be delivered right to your door.
Compliant in all 50 states.



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