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UP-10 Complete Rifle

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The UP-10 is a TRUE bolt action AR rifle with a 3-lug bolt and a 60° throw. Both the upper and lower are machined from 7075 billet aluminum.

The upper has a 20 MOA rail machined into it, allowing the shooter to maximize optic adjustment. Preferred barrels 416R stainless barrels provide extreme precision with an easy break-in and clean up. The precision machined lower features an oversized trigger guard with weight reducing cut-outs, and a flared magwell with a serrated barricade machined into it. Standard caliber offerings are 6.5 Creedmoor, 308 Winchester and 6mm Creedmoor, and 8.6 Blackout with other chamberings available via custom order.

Completing the lower, is a 3lbs trigger, Magpul K2+ grip and PRS Lite stock. The trigger is our UP “Vitrum” 3lbs, single stage trigger that offers no take-up with a clean and crisp break. The Magpul K2+ provides an ergonomic, comfortable grip and the PRS Lite stock offers an adjustable cheek riser and length of pull.

> Due to the current “rule” implemented by the ATF, complete pistols will not come with a pistol brace, just a bare buffer tube. We encourage you to research and follow what is going on in the firearms industry regarding pistol braces, as well as other proposed legislation. Some excellent resources would be the NSSF, FPC, as well as the YouTube channels of The Armed Scholar and Langley Outdoors Academy.

> Law Tactical folding stock adapters are NOT included, but can be purchased under Shop > Stocks and Grips

The UP-10 is compatible with DPMS LR-308 patterned semi-auto uppers, which means you can have a long range precision rifle and a semi-auto utilizing the same lower. Top the UP-10 with your optic of choice and you’re ready for long range precision in the field and on the range.

Sub-MOA accuracy guarantee, manufacturer’s warranty and 100% made in America!

UP-10 rifles come with (1) 10 round magazine and ship in a Plano All Weather Double Rifle case.

This is a complete firearm and must ship to an FFL. Pistol versions are not legal in all states. Please contact us before ordering a pistol if you have questions about legality. All rifle offerings are legal in all 50 states.

DUE TO ORDER VOLUMES, UP15 BACKORDERS HAVE ABOUT A 2-4 WEEK LEAD TIME. In stock quantities represent components on hand to complete rifles. At this point, due to order volume, orders are being assembled as they are received.

7075 billet upper; AMERICAN aluminum
7075 billet lower; AMERICAN aluminum
4140 AMERICAN steel bolt
20moa rail
Preferred Barrels 416R Stainless match barrel
Magpul K2+ grip
Magpul PRS Lite
15” M-Lok handguard
Upper and Lower are DPMS LR-308 pattern for compatibility with semi-auto uppers

CaliberBARREL LENGTHtwistBarrel diameterMuzzle threadsWeight with standard barrelWeight with Carbon wrapped barrel
6.5 creedmoor13″1:7.5.810″5/8X24n/an/a
6.5 creedmoor22″1:8.810″5/8X249lbs8lbs
6.5 creedmoor26″1:8.810″5/8X249lbs 7oz8lbs 8oz
6mm Creedmoor22″1:8.810″5/8X249lbs8lbs
308 Winchester13″1:8.900″5/8X24n/an/a
308 Winchester20″1:10.900″5/8X249lbs8lbs
308 Winchester24″1:10.900″5/8X249lbs 12oz–unknown as of now–
8.6 Blackout12.5″1:3.900″5/8X247lbs
8.6 Blackout16″1:3.900″5/8X248lbs 11oz

Trigger COMPATIBILITY for 10

We are continually working to keep this list as up to date as possible. At this point in time, if it is not a standard AR trigger or one listed below, DO NOT USE IT. There is a possibility that if the trigger is pulled, with the bolt open, the hammer may fall before the bolt is closed completely and the lugs full y engaged. This may cause serious damage to the rifle and/or injure the shooter. Due to the many trigger variations available, it is impossible to guarantee they will all work safely with our upper. Again, we advise that if it is not listed here, DO NOT USE IT.

Compatible triggers

“Standard Mil-Spec” trigger groups (we can not guarantee all “Mil-Spec” fcgs will work, as the “spec” is very broad.)

Velocity Triggers (Our recommended trigger of choice)
American Tactical
Black Rain Ordinance
Elftmann Tactical
Hiperfire EDT SS / EDT HG/ GENESIS/ X2S Mod 1
Jard top adjust with Speed Hammer
RMT “Nomad”
Rock River 2 Stage Varmint
Rise Armament single stage triggers (except the DTOM model)
Rise “Iconic” 2 Stage


CMC Triggers
Cedar Enterprise Inc.
Larue MBT
Wisconsin Trigger Company
Rise “DTOM” ( All other Rise triggers are compatible)

UPR10 Compatible lowers

-DPMS LR-308 Gen 1 pattern
-80 Percent Arms
-Black Rain Ordnance
-CMMG 308 MK3
-Cross Machine Tool
-Falkor Defense
-Fulton Armory FAR-308
-Iron Ridge Guns DPMS pattern choice
-Juggernaut Tactical complete and 80%
-Next Level Armament
-Polymer 80 Warrhog
-Remington R-25 Gen 1 pattern
-Springfield Saint
-WMD GUNS -2A Xanthos

UPR10 NON-compatible lowers

-DPMS GEN 2 308
-Armalite AR-10 patterns
-Diamondback Firearms
-Matrix Arms -Mega Maten
-Rock River
-Savage MSR10
-Sig 716
-Smith and Wesson M&P10
-Stag 10
-Windham Weaponry

***Regarding Aero Precision M5:

Aero Precision M5 lowers are built to AR308 spec and not DPMS GEN 1 LR308 spec. Our uppers will pin to an Aero M5 lower, however the difference between the AR308 and LR308 results in a “gap” at the rear radius, that some find is not aesthetically pleasing. The gap does not affect safety, function, or accuracy it just does not look as good as we would like.

True bolt action


Let’s break it down

UP-10 complete

Uintah Precision

Accurate. Modular. Familiar.

Perfectly paired


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  1. Christian Fox

    Christian Fox

    Easily in the top 3 of rifles I have ever owned or used. I can not express how impressed I am with the construction of the rifle. I paired with with an Arken SH 6-24. I actually forgot my bore sight and was able to sight in at 100 yards within 3 rounds. From that point, at next 5 rounds were sub MOA group. Next 5 rounds were out to 300 yards and hit steel on all, then 500 yards and another 5 rounds all on target. Cant wait to take it out to the 1000/1500 yard range. Other than being slightly on the heavy side, and that is not a complaint, that would be the only issue that someone may have with this gem of a PR. I am absolutely positive this will perform excellently in the upcoming PSR comp.

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  2. Chad Bohren

    Chad Bohren

    Amazing rifle! This is my second purchase from Uintah Precision, my first was an upper in 300 Black, that too is another amazing rifle. The craftsmanship alone not to mention how smoothly it functions and the accuracy of that rifle is what convinced me to purchase another. I needed a particular setup and decided to go the custom route, emailed Uintah and Jason immediately responded. Painless process discussed what we needed to over email and built out a complete AR-10 in .308, then waited 7 weeks for the rifle to be built and shipped. Again, the craftsmanship is remarkable, everything is in very tight tolerance nothing bangs, shakes, or rattles. The bolt movement is crisp and clean with no binding. The trigger is light, minimal draw with a clean break. Accuracy is spot on, which you would expect coming from a rifle this well engineered. With the tight tolerances and the modulatory of this platform giving me the ability to swap calibers and barrel lengths, this won’t be my last purchase from these folks. By far one of my favorite rifles!

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  3. John Els

    John Els

    Finest rifle I have ever pulled a trigger on. UP-10, 6.5 Creedmoor. 26″ Barrel.This rifle has exceeded my already high expectations. Mounted with a Arken SH4 Scope, Harris Bipod, VG^ Epsilon Muzzle Brake and the super light pull (1.5 lb) Jard trigger she is shooting amazing. Braking in and zeroing on my 120 yard range at home shooting groups cutting into the same hole. Shooting home loaded 120 gr Barnes BTHP Match Bullets with N540 Powder. Soon as my new powder arrives I will work up new loads of Hornady 147gr ELD Match Bullets and then it’s time to start working out to long distance at my local range to 450 yards before finding a range to get my goal of 1,000 yards. By far this rifle is my favorite and I’ve been around guns for over 50 yrs, since I was a teen.

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  4. Joshua Gross

    Joshua Gross

    My review,
    I purchased the .308/24″.
    Dropped in perfectly, first day on the range zeroed in 3 shot’s, second day at the range qualified for the 200 & 300yrd ranges, made 6 shot’s the first was to check the zero, the next 5 shot’s all in the black. The first shot was the cold shot, and the 4 other were all on top of each other.
    This bolt action upper was a must have shooting a match grade 190gr bullet with Starline match .308 with the small primer pocket, this with the UPR-10 24″ was the perfect pairing, I want my Surefire suppressor to come in and this will be a game changer.
    This rifle is a must have, I am serious considering the UPR-15 2.23 20″ this review will have a part 2…

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