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The Uintah Precision UPR15 is a true bolt action upper for your mil-spec AR15 lower. The UPR15 brings the accuracy of a bolt action rifle to the most popular platform in the United States.

Squeeze the most accuracy out of your AR, with a Uintah Precision UPR15 and our Sub-MOA guarantee.

Go from semi auto fire to long range bolt action precision in seconds, with no modification to you lower.


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The Uintah Precision UPR15 is a true bolt action upper for your mil-spec AR15 lower. The UPR15 brings the accuracy of a bolt action rifle to the most popular platform in the United States. Squeeze the most accuracy out of your AR, with a Uintah Precision UPR15 and our Sub-MOA guarantee. Go from semi auto fire to long range bolt action precision in seconds, with no modification to you lower. (Please note, LEFT handed UPR15 models require the bolt catch to be shortened. A modified catch is included with Left handed UPR15 uppers.)

Accurate, modular, familiar – Uintah Precision UPR15.


Every piece of the UPR-15 is proudly manufactured and designed here in the USA. The UPR-15 is a complete upper assembly, with everything you’ll need to shoot as soon as it’s attached.

  • This upper assembly is not a firearm, will ship directly to you and is legal to ship to any state.

The UPR-15 is a fully compliant AR-15 bolt action upper in all 50 states. It is compatible with all standard AR-15 lower receivers, so as long as your lower isn’t proprietary the UPR-15 will bolt on easily. Best of all, the UPR-15 bolt action upper can be shipped directly to your door, no FFL necessary.

Compatible with all standard AR-15 lower receivers

Accepts all standard AR-15 accessories

Compatible with any AR-15 standard length magazines

Featuring fully stress relieved 416R Stainless Steel barrels by Preferred Barrel Blanks

Guaranteed 1 MOA or better 3 shot group at 100 yards with match grade ammo

3 lug bolt, with a 60° throw

All UPR-15 upper receivers are backed by a 30-day guarantee

All of the materials we use in the main components are American sourced materials ● The receivers are machined from Billet 6061 T6 Aluminum and type 3 hard coat anodized ● The Barrels are made for us by Preferred Barrel Blanks from 416R Stainless Steel, fully stress relieved ● .224″ barrels feature the 3R groove geometry, while the 6.5mm and 30 calibers are 5R. ● .810″ diameter profile ● They are all threaded on the muzzle end to either ½” – 28 or 5/8” – 24 depending on caliber ● Our Barrels are all coated with Cerakote Coatings ● The Bolt bodies are one solid piece of machined 4140 CM they are then heat treated to 45 RC and finished with a Cerakote coating ● We guarantee 1 MOA or better 3 shot group at 100 yards with match grade ammo. ● We also have a satisfaction guarantee, if for any reason you are not happy with your upper you may return it within the first 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price no questions asked fired or un-fired. (All returned custom orders will incur additional fees) ● We do offer extensive customization, please call into the office for your custom orders. ● The complete upper receiver is ready to use the day you receive it. ●

26 reviews for UPR15

  1. David Richardson

    Took a while and this story is is worth telling maybe room on FB but thi is an awesome product my Valkyrie build started life as a Savage AR in Valkyrie that did not impress me . I visited these guys last year and to say they were gracious is an understatement I broke my sisters boat trailer in their yard and they fixed it – I was on my way to Florida from Oregon – I ordered an upper and when it arrived i was moving and had no time to invest at the range . When the time happened I took a few assembled hand loads and some factory match.
    The handloads shot ok not what I was looking for so I tried the Hornady 88 gr factory load not tight groups but consistently at or under the MOA PROMISE . Truncated timetable I shot in an F CLASS match with some very hard holders and whereas I did not win the match – most were shooting dedicated match rifles – the rifle performed admirably holding less than MOA horizontally with some uncalled vertical stringing at MOA . Bottom line I will get another it is awesome and accurate, I see a 6 mm arc in my future

  2. Matthew Ken (verified owner)

    Gave myself a Christmas present with a UPR-15 in .223 Wylde. It arrived a bit after Christmas and I put it on a milled 80% Anderson lower. Fit was a bit tight, but a quick pass with a .325 ream on the real lug cleaned it up. Mounted a Trijicon TARS 3-15X scope I had laying around with a 20 MOA mount. Finally shot it today at a private range. At 100 yards, a three shot group was about 1/3 inch. I guess I won’t be returning it for Warranty! LOL. Amazing accuracy. Superb finish and very smoot action. The included 3.5 lb trigger has a very nice break and consistent feel. 5 Stars. Thank you

  3. Tom Salmon

    Tested the UPR-15, 223 Wilde, 20-inch today. First 4 shots at 50 yards easily yielded 0.5″ group; verifying the 1 MOA guarantee. This was casual, bench-rest plinking with common everyday 55g reloads. With more careful aiming and optimized ammo, I expect even better! The rear take-down pin was tight on the Aero Precision lower and required a few taps from a soft mallet. Removing it also required a few taps with a flat punch. This is by design, according to Uintah; the tight upper-to-lower fit ensures maximum precision, which is what I want. I’m pleased with this initial test and look forward to more serious precision testing. Just posted photos to my Oakley Defense Facebook page:

  4. Carl

    Bought the 6mm arc sighted it in 2 inch high at 100 yards and laid a coyote down at 400 yards . Absolutely a great manufacturer couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks

  5. OTDH

    I purchased the UPR 15 in .223 Wylde. Zero’d at 100 yds. Six shot group was was cover by a quarter. Super pleased. Great quality upper.

  6. Tim (verified owner)

    Got a .224 Valkyrie last year in May. Absolutely love it! Blows my dad’s semi-auto Valkyrie out of the water when it comes to accuracy!

    Wasn’t sure if I’d like the bolt action over the typical gas system, but very glad I went with Uintah Precision! Now looking at getting it in the 6mm ARC!

  7. Walt

    Got a 223 Wylde upper earlier this year and installed on a milspec lower – very nice fit and trigger installed perfectly. Broke barrel in as per instructions and after roughly 100 rds, proceeded to shoot 5 shot 1/4 moa 100 yd groups with both my 69 SMK and 77 SMK generic handloads. Subsequent range trips have been just as successful. looking fwd to breaking in my 300 BO upper soon and seeing what it will do.

  8. Richard & Diane (verified owner)

    I bought one of your AR15 uppers in 6.5 Grendel for my wife for Christmas 2020. She finally got to the range with it the other day.
    After a few break in rounds she fired two different loads I loaded for her.
    The first five round group was about .75 inches and the second group was about .60 inches. Both at 100 yards.
    So all in all she is very very happy with her new upper.
    And yes I would definitely recommend buying one your uppers to anyone thinking of getting one.

  9. Brad Townsend (verified owner)

    I bought a U/P upper in 6mm ARC. I went to the range yesterday. After sighting in the scope, I shot a 7-shot group at 100 yards that I could cover with my thumb. All seven shots were touching one or more holes from another shot. I was shooting Hornady 105 gr. Black ammo. Super pleased with the bolt action upper! Can’t wait to get it out at long range and show my son that his Desert Tech is not the only accurate rifle.

  10. Al Cotto (verified owner)

    I’ve waited for something like this for a long time and receiving the bolt action offer and installing it was a breeze. When I first shot it I was concerned about how type of a group it was going to leave and what I have noticed is the more rounds a shot through it the better it got. As of right now my grouping is extremely tight at 200 yards. I am very happy with this and I am looking forward to a very long relationship with this company. Congratulations on an awesome design. If it’s not done already figure a way to patina design because that is something that a lot of people have thought about it and never

  11. Richard and Diane

    Update review
    I bought a 6.5 Grendel upper for wife for Christmas. After about 120 rounds of different hand loads we came up with the perfect load. She was able shoot a 3 shot group at 100 yards that measured .311 by .183 inches.
    the was Hornady 123 gr SST bullet, 28.5 gr of Accurate 2520 with CCI 450 primers.
    She is SUPER happy with this upper.
    Thank you Uintah for making high Quality products…
    I think she posted a picture of her target on instagram.

  12. Brad Townsend (verified owner)

    Updated review – Took the U/P 6mm ARC out with my son and my son-in-law for 1-mile shots. They were shooting 6.5 CM Desert Tech rifles. After taking a few shots to get the DOPE right, I hit 3 out of 5 from 1 mile with the U/P 6mm ARC upper. I am totally impressed with the U/P upper. It shot as well as rifles that cost 5 times as much. I was shooting the U/P upper on a vintage 2009 LMT Defender lower. It was absolutely the U/P upper that did all the work and got out to 1 mile accurately.

  13. David A Jaggers (verified owner)

    I have a 224 Valkyrie upper purchased from Uintah Precision. Nothing remarkable about my lower except the recommended Jard top adjustable with the speed hammer about 1 1/2 lb pull. After the first hundred rounds I’m shooting well into 1/2 moa at 100yds and I shot Wed the 13th and at 200yds had a group that measured .732 center to center. Brass ejects with authority, zero FTE’s, zero feed issues and zero FTF. Haven’t gone past 400yds yet but I have no worries. After the first 50 rounds or so I called in a custom order for a 6mm ARC 26″ heavy profile, with no worries. Absolutely lived up to the 1 MOA claim then some. I have had several Q&A with Mr Baker on the phone who seemed ready to answer all my nervous questions. I say buy with confidence. You do your part, and the rifle will do it’s part.

  14. David E. Douglas

    I had a 7.62×39 with an 18″ barrel,,,,,,,,,,,,,boy howdy this thing shoots good! I haven’t got any poly mags for it yet, so it feeds a bit stiff; but well worth the money so far1

  15. Richard and Diane

    1 year update. My wife’s 6.5 Grendel upper is consistently grouping .5 inches at 100 yards with her hand loads. One of her favorite loads is Hornady 95gn V-Max 29.5 grains A2520 CCI 450 primers trim length 1 510 COL 2.240.

  16. CRAIG FAULKNER / 2nd Amendment Brass

    I have had my Uintah Precision .224 Valkyrie for about 2-years now. After finding Uintah Precision at a local gun show and research, I was hooked. I ordered a 24″ barreled .224 Valkyrie within 2 weeks and sat back for what I thought would be an extended wait. Jason said it would be about 6 weeks from the time I placed my order until I’d receive my new upper. I was impressed when UP called to let me know that my upper would be delivered on time. It was cold and miserable at the time the upper arrived in mid January so it was late in the spring before I had a chance to test drive my new gun. The wait was well worth it although I won’t be as patient next time!

    I build ARs regularly and started a custom ammunition company with the idea of developing loads for long range, hunting and PRS style rifles. I liked the precision of the .224 Valkyrie immediately, in my gas gun and wanted to compare the performance between gas and bolt platforms with similar calibers and loads. After flopping back and forth between my UP and Aero Precision Valkyrie, I sold the gas upper to my son-in-law. Im now looking forward to doing similar comparisons with the Uintah Precision 6mmARC. Sub moa with factory ammo and it only gets better. Surprises a lot of shooters at the steel range I volunteer at, 3-Mile Creek.

    Uintah Precision takes the time to respond to questions or concerns I have and helped resolve them. I’m looking forward to my next Uintah Precision order.

  17. Tom

    Been contemplating ordering this Uintah Precision 20 inch 223 Wylde Upper for almost 6 months. Finally, made a decision to pull the trigger. Uintah Precision has exceeded my expectation. This upper is very accurate and feeds without a hitch. This upper loves 69 or 77 grain bullets in my experience. Shot .75 to .50 inch, 5 shot groupings using my already proven semi-auto loads. More than likely do better once I tweak the loads a little. Being the way ammo prices and supply are up and down. This upper is saving me ammo. I am taking more time to chamber, aim and focus on every shot. Wish I had bought this earlier. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my semi-autos but this is a great addition to my training. Awesome Job, Uintah !! and Great Customer Service !!

  18. Mike Egolf

    I special ordered a 6MM ARC 24″ heavy contour barrel. It took a couple more weeks to deliver than quoted, but that is not the end of the world. After 4 months or so of testing about 150 rounds or so I am not quite sure this was worth the money. The extractor does not quite get enough bite on the rim of the brass to give reliable extraction. There are cartridges that pull out of the chamber but fall off the bolt face and into the action before ejection. This may be due to the size of the case compared to the bolt head which likely reduced the extractor flange. The bolt handle rubs along the upper pretty bad and has already worn off some cerakote. The tri-lug fit is very tight and requires a hard yank to cycle the bolt. I put some grease on the back side of the lugs and lubed the bolt up “wet” in my eyes and it ran better, but still took some force. Maybe that is still the “cocking” of the drop in trigger. Accuracy is ok at 1″ to 1/2″ on good groups, but I have only explored Hornady Match ELD-M 108 factory loads and 108 ELD-M’s over some Leverevolution and CFE223 powder. I do like the three lug design and the bolt knob is an upgrade from the standard stock. I intend to explore more, see if it “breaks in” and report back. I was originally excited for the prospect of magnum size cases in the UP10 one day in the near future once they bring it out but now I am not so sure.

  19. Indiana Bill

    My UPR15 in 6.5 Grendel arrived as promised. It was well packaged and the quality was apparent. After following the recommended break in procedure, the next 5-round 100yd. group through a freshly cleaned, cold barrel measured just over an inch. With the barrel warmed and “seasoned” with just 5 shots, the following 5-round group measured 0.733 with 4 of the five touching and one “flier” which took the group from 0.450 to 0.733. The flyer was no doubt my shooting and not the barrel. I couldn’t be more pleased. Customer service was excellent and the UPR15 easily meets the sub MOA guarantee. Thanks Uintah!

  20. Mark Armentrout

    I wanted something different and more accurate for my AR–15 rifle so I ordered a UPR15 upper in 20 Practical. The fit and finish was excellent. The bolt action operates very smoothly and feeds very reliably. The guys there do flawless work and are true craftsman. As to accuracy I am blown away, I recently shot a five shot group at 100 yards and the group measured .186 moa. I’ll take that all day long.

  21. Rob Hetland

    I bought a UPR 15 in 6 ARC with the 16 inch barrel with the intention of shooting lighter bullets.
    After some trial and error it settled in on Benchmark powder and Barnes 62 grain varmint grenades. Turned in a .187 group today. Looking forward to going after coyotes with it.

  22. William R Hunter (verified owner)

    I purchased the UPR 15 in a 16” .224 Valkyrie ( Suppressed) for Coyote control on South Florida Cattle Ranches. Pinned to my already set up YHM billet receiver, however, upgrading to the Velocity MPC trigger system. I found the PRI 6.8 magazines fed rounds the best. I zeroed at the 1000 inch line and it fired consistently placing holes through existing holes. I shoot from the carbon fiber Innorel tripod with the proper Swiss adapters that I use to hunt with my Thermal optics. I find accuracy and action suitable enough to mount my Thermal, zero and take on the hunt. Very pleased with this system.

  23. Peter (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the 223 Wylde upper with a 16″ barrel, and I am extremely satisfied with its performance. The upper has a premium feel, and the action is smooth, providing a seamless shooting experience. What sets it apart is that the action is similar to a traditional bolt action, but with some noticeable improvements that make it even better, in my opinion.

    One of the standout features of this upper is its accuracy. The barrel performs consistently well, allowing for precise shots downrange. I found that for long-distance shooting, using match or heavier grain ammo further improved the accuracy, delivering impressive results on the target.

    The clean, simple, and minimalist design of this upper is another aspect that I love. It’s a real head-turner at the range, and many people were surprised to learn that bolt action uppers are available for ARs. The combination of sleek aesthetics and reliable performance makes this upper a real standout in terms of both form and function.

    The versatility of the 223 Wylde chamber is also worth noting. Being able to shoot both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO ammo provides me with more options and flexibility for different shooting scenarios.

    In conclusion, I am thrilled with my purchase of the 223 Wylde upper with a 16″ barrel. Its premium feel, smooth action, and accurate performance make it a top choice for long-distance shooting. The clean and minimalist design adds a touch of style, making it a standout at the range. I highly recommend this upper to anyone looking for a reliable and high-performing option for their AR build.


    Great upper 6mm ARC , my friends loved it. I might purchase a 350 LEGEND

  25. Philip LIndeman

    I first must apologize to customer support for not reading the whole description fully. I was very excited to get this and try it out.
    That being said, I want to say my anticipation was well deserved. This upper performed so much better the semi-auto when it came to accuracy and grouping. After a few shots to zero it in. I was hitting the same areas multiple time so tight you could barely see the center target from 100 yards.
    I am so happy with this upper, makes my AR a precision rifle. With a classic bolt action feel, low recoil and a crazy MOA! I appreciate you product and would recommend.

  26. Jeffrey Pickartz

    I purchased the 8” 300 blk. I am shooting both 110 and 125 grain makers board tooth supers through it. It is sub MOA at 100 with these. 150 grains are different. I was getting 1inch with some Makers Subs as expected. Kids have killed three deer with it! Couldn’t be more happy with its accuracy and mobility. Have a Rise Iconic Trigger, with a Honey Badger Brace.

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Attaching the UPR-15 bolt action upper is just like changing the upper receiver on any AR-15 rifle. To do so, simply remove the two retaining pins out of the lower, and pin the UPR-15 right back in place. Head to the range from there and put some rounds through your new long-range, precision AR-15 rifle.

We are continually working to keep this list as up to date as possible. At this point in time, if it is not a standard AR trigger or one listed below, DO NOT USE IT. There is a possibility that if the trigger is pulled, with the bolt open, the hammer may fall before the bolt is closed completely and the lugs fully engaged. This may cause serious damage to the rifle and/or injure the shooter. Due to the many trigger variations available, it is impossible to guarantee they will all work safely with our upper. Again, we advise that if it is not listed here, DO NOT USE IT.

Compatible triggers
“Standard Mil-Spec” trigger groups (we can not guarantee all “Mil-Spec” fcgs will work, as the “spec” is very broad.)

Velocity Triggers (Our recommended trigger of choice)
American Tactical
Black Rain Ordinance
Elftmann Tactical
Hiperfire EDT SS / EDT HG/ GENESIS/ X2S Mod 1
Jard top adjust with Speed Hammer
RMT “Nomad”
Rock River 2 Stage Varmint
Rise Armament single stage triggers (except the DTOM model)


CMC Triggers
Cedar Enterprise Inc.
Larue MBT
Wisconsin Trigger Company
Rise “DTOM” ( All other Rise triggers are compatible)


We assume no liability or responsibility for any personal injury or damage incurred by abuse, misuse or alterations made to this receiver assembly or its components after it leaves our facility. Further, we assume no liability or responsibility for any injury or damage incurred through the firing of hand loaded ammunition in this receiver assembly, or firing of ammunition, regardless of the source, not made specifically for the chamber of this receiver assembly. Any modifications or alterations performed on this receiver assembly by anyone other than Uintah Precision will void any and all guarantees/warranties, written or implied.


Uintah Precision warrants all receiver assemblies we produce to be free of defects in workmanship and/or materials for the life of the receiver, bolt, and barrel extension nut. We guarantee each receiver assembly is capable of shooting a 1 moa 3 shot group at 100 yards with quality match grade ammunition. If within the first 30 days you’re not fully satisfied with workmanship or accuracy, return the receiver assembly and we will perform a thorough inspection of the receiver assembly. We will correct any found defect to your satisfaction and if necessary, replace the receiver assembly, or refund the purchase price. Work performed on the receiver assembly for any reason(s) done by any other than Uintah Precision voids all warranties.


Be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS when working up and firing hand loaded ammunition. Always start with a light load as shown in a reputable reloading manual. As soon as any sign of excessive pressure is encountered, (flattened primers, punctured primers, bolt is hard to open, etc.) reduce your load immediately to a safe level. If you are not experienced in handloading, make certain that you acquire the necessary expertise before proceeding. Inspect each piece of brass to ensure your brass is safe and free from any defects such as cracks in the neck, shoulder or base. Make sure that each piece of brass is trimmed to the proper length and that all case dimensions are correct for your particular barrel(s) chamber prior to loading. The specific caliber of your barrel(s) will be marked clearly on the top side of the barrel near the muzzle.

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