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Thanks to our partnership with Hornady, we will be offering both our True Bolt Action ARs and Semi Auto AR15s in the newly released 22 ARC. Designed concurrently with the same design methodology as the 6mm ARC, the 22 ARC delivers excellent and repeatable accuracy performance. You’ll be able to get 22-250 performance from your AR15!

See the specs chart and products below.

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Hornady 22 ARC specs

rifleCaliberBarrel lengthtwistBarrel diameterMuzzle threadsWeight with standard barrelWeight with Carbon wrapped barrel
UPR-1522 ARC16”1:7.810”1/2x284 lbs 8 oz4 lbs
UPR-1522 ARC20”1:7.810”1/2x285 lbs4 lbs 6 oz
UPR-15 complete22 ARC16”1:7.810”1/2x287 lbs 7 oz6 lbs 10 oz
UPR-15 complete22 ARC20”1:7.810"1/2X288 lbs7 lbs 5 oz
Semi Auto upper22 ARC18”1:7Uintah profile1/2X28N/AN/A
Semi Auto complete22 ARC18”1:7Uintah profile1/2x28N/AN/A