UPR Bolt Maintenance Kit

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If you want to have extra parts on hand to repair or maintain your UPR bolt, this is the kit you need. The kit includes all the parts of the bolt ; Firing pin and roll pin, ejector, ejector spring and pin, extractor claw, extractor spring and detent.


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Kit is for Uintah Precision BOLT ACTION UPPER bolts
-Firing pin
-Firing pin roll pin
-Ejector spring
-Ejector detent
-Extractor claw
-Extractor spring
-Extractor detent

1 review for UPR Bolt Maintenance Kit

  1. Randy L Mattern (verified owner)

    Nice kit, but I wished there was a video or diagram that shows how everything went together if I needed to repair the bolt. But there is a parts list & description which is nice. Their products are really well made, I expect nothing less from this kit.

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