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Trigger Compatibility


Trigger compatibility

UPR Trigger Compatibility List

Compatible Triggers:

– “Standard Mil-Spec” trigger groups (we cannot guarantee all “Mil-Spec” FCGs will work, as the specifications are quite broad.)
– UP “Vitrum” Trigger (Recommended)
– Velocity Triggers
– American Tactical
– Black Rain Ordnance
– Elftmann Tactical
– Hiperfire EDT SS / EDT HG/ GENESIS/ X2S Mod 1
– Jard top adjust with Speed Hammer
– RMT “Nomad”
– Rock River 2 Stage Varmint
– Rise Armament single-stage triggers (except the DTOM model)



– CMC Triggers
– Cedar Enterprise Inc.
– Geissele
– Larue MBT
– Timney
– Wisconsin Trigger Company
– Rise “DTOM” (All other Rise triggers are compatible)

We continually work to keep this list as up-to-date as possible. At this point in time, if it is not a standard AR trigger or one listed above, DO NOT USE IT. There is a possibility that if the trigger is pulled with the bolt open, the hammer may fall before the bolt is completely closed and the lugs fully engaged. This could cause serious damage to the rifle and/or injure the shooter. Due to the many trigger variations available, it is impossible to guarantee they will all work safely with our upper. Again, we strongly advise against using triggers not listed here.